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We’ve debunked the most common myths about Prop 112 to give you the full picture. Check the facts (and the resources that back them!) for yourself.


What is Proposition 112?

Proposition 112 is a ballot measure that would increase the current setback distance by 5 times, creating a buffer zone of 2,500 feet between new oil and gas development and occupied structures and vulnerable areas. 

The current setback requirement is 500 feet, the distance implemented by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) in 2013 when the buffer zone for urban areas was 350 feet. That was a 42% increase. Proposition 112 is a 500% increase.

Along with unintended, devastating impacts on the economy, Prop 112 also comes with a variety of myths. Learn fact from fiction before you vote.

Why is this a ban?

According to a 2018 assessment by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), Proposition 112 would put 85% of state and private lands off limits essentially banning energy development. That’s why our state’s leaders, community members and political candidates on both sides are uniting to oppose Proposition 112 and ensure the future of Colorado.

For those of us who call Colorado home, we share a responsibility to do what’s best for our communities, look out for our neighbors and invest in education for future generations. Please join Noble Energy and the thousands of Coloradans who will vote no on Proposition 112.

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2500-Foot setbacks would make 85% of Colorado off limits

Not only would 112 negatively impact thousands of Colorado families; it would essentially force development off state and private land on to federal lands where permitting is handled by the Federal Government in Washington D.C. versus here in Colorado.

Learn more about Proposition 112 before you vote.

Setback FAQs

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Who opposes 112?

This extreme measure would devastate Colorado’s economy and employment. That’s why our state’s leaders are unified in their opposition of 112, including:

  • Governor Hickenlooper
  • Mayor Hancock
  • Congressman Jared Polis (Democrat gubernatorial candidate)
  • State Treasurer Walker Stapleton (Republican gubernatorial candidate)
  • Weld County Mayors
Bipartisan Opposition

Better together

See how many of Colorado’s community members are uniting against Proposition 112 including the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, the Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Council of Colorado and more.

Standing together

If 112 wins, Colorado loses

Colorado already has some of the strongest oil and gas regulations in the country, including a 500' setback from homes and 1,000' from schools and hospitals. So is Proposition 112 really about safety? The answer is no.

The 2,500′ setback being promoted in Proposition 112 is too extreme. According to a 2018 independent study by the Common Sense Policy Roundtable, this ban on oil and gas development would lead to:

  • Loss of jobs within the industry and beyond – devastating thousands of Colorado families
  • Loss of revenue critical for schools, parks, road improvements, police and fire departments
  • Loss of support for local communities, food banks, youth, education and environmental programs
  • Loss of low-cost, locally produced energy (all the natural gas CO consumes is produced in CO)

We are stronger together. Please vote no on 112.

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Stand up for Colorado, stand up to Proposition 112

At Noble Energy, we don’t just work here, we live here, too. And we want what’s best for Colorado. Let’s stand together to overcome efforts to divide us.
When you vote, we need your support to stop Proposition 112 so we can continue producing the natural gas and oil that power our
daily lives.

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