At Noble Energy, technology and innovation help us protect the environment and find better ways to deliver the energy we all need in Colorado. But we are not alone. With some of the strongest regulations in the country, our state is making cutting-edge advancements in the development of oil and natural gas that focus on emissions reduction, water protection and conservation, and overall footprint reduction.

Thanks to the innovation and technology behind our Comprehensive Drilling Plans — such as horizontal drilling and advanced completion techniques called hydraulic fracturing or fracking — we reduced by more than 95% the amount of surface land needed for energy production and we are removing millions of miles of truck traffic from the roads.

We are also using infrared imaging for leak detection and repair, which is reducing emissions and boosting the efficiency of our operations. And our production facilities use solar-powered telemetry to remotely communicate with our Noble Operations Control Center, where we monitor automated facilities 24/7.

Significant footprint reduction

Long-lateral wells reduce land use, which means we can develop more energy for Colorado with less environmental impact. Learn more about our Comprehensive Drilling Plan.

Producing responsibly

Improved air quality

Our team of trained technicians uses advanced thermal imaging technology to monitor and inspect our production facilities and well sites.

Reducing emissions

Strong safety standards

Setting industry standards and collaborating within the industry to collectively raise the bar on safety and efficiency. That’s the Noble Neighbor way.

Finding better ways

Innovation at work

The cutting-edge technology behind our Noble Operations Control Center allows technicians to quickly and remotely adjust safety, environmental and production controls in real time.

Putting safety first

Workforce diversity

Noble Energy is powered by some of the most forward-thinking, passionate women in the oil and natural gas industry.

Driving change

A place we call home

Our Noble Neighbor Program represents all the innovative ways we operate as environmental stewards — from reducing emissions and land impact to reusing and recycling water.

Protecting the environment