When it comes to responsibly producing the oil and natural gas Coloradans need, our Noble Neighbor Program helps ensure we are doing everything we can to protect, respect and work together with the communities we call home. Our Noble Neighbor programs focus on three key areas: community, safety and health, technology and innovation.

Colorado is our community — we live and work here. We listen to our communities and improve as we go.

Safety is our responsibility. We always strive to be better.

We use technology and innovation to reduce environmental impacts. We find better ways to deliver the energy we need.

Plug and Removal Program

With our Plug and Removal Program, we are removing old facilities from subdivisions and rural areas and restoring these locations to their original condition. By the time our operations and reclamation teams finish work, you would never know an oil and natural gas well had been there in the first place. In many cases, after we reclaim the land, the site can be repurposed for other uses such as playgrounds, dog parks or farmland.

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Community Investment

Giving back to our Colorado communities is a large part of what we do at Noble Energy. We build long-term partnerships with local charities and invest time and resources in causes that align with our purpose of bettering people’s lives. Our main areas of focus are health and wellness, environmental stewardship, and education and workforce development.

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Operations and Safety Training Center

Safety is our responsibility. We train our team and local first responders in a controlled environment called the Noble Operations and Safety Training Center (NOSTC). Modeled after the training procedures and protocols of the U.S. Air Force, the NOSTC uses equipment that simulates our field operations. This allows us to perform drills and other training exercises that provide invaluable skills and experience – all from our Greeley office.

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Noble Operations Control Center

We created a nerve center for our operations across northern Colorado, where automated oil and natural gas facilities are monitored and controlled remotely in real time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We call it the Noble Operations Control Center (NOCC). Our production facilities in the field communicate with the NOCC using solar-powered telemetry.

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Integrated Development Plan

It now takes only 2.5 surface acres to produce the same amount of energy that previously required 400 surface acres – a reduction in land use of more than 99 percent. To put this in perspective, through innovative processes and technology behind our Integrated Development Plan, we utilize two football fields to produce the same amount of energy that previously required more than 300 football fields.

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Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)

We have a team of trained technicians that monitor and inspect our production facilities and well sites with infrared cameras equipped with advanced thermal imaging technology to detect emissions leaks that cannot be seen with the naked eye. If emission leaks are detected, our skilled technicians are equipped to repair most of them on the spot.

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Emissions reduction was the primary intent when we began researching alternative transfer methods. Working with the industry, U.S. Government and Colorado, we identified a system design that also advances safety by keeping truck drivers at ground level throughout the transfer process.

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