Majestic eagles, red-tailed hawks, and small owls are just a few of the raptors that can be found throughout Weld County. Unfortunately, these birds are prone to accidents from perching on power lines or colliding with cars. That’s why Noble Energy partners with the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program (RMRP) to help protect these birds in the areas where we operate.

Wildlife conservation is an important cornerstone of environmental stewardship for Noble Energy in Colorado. It takes collaboration with local organizations such as RMRP to really make a difference.


The RMRP provides an annual educational session for Noble Energy field personnel in our Greeley office. The session includes presentations on the identification, habitat, behaviors, and other characteristics of all the raptors we may encounter in the field.

Field Support

The RMRP has on-call support that can be contacted in the event a raptor is found injured. Through our partnership with the RMRP, Noble Energy developed a reporting protocol for employees to follow in those circumstances. Reports of injured raptors along roadways are the most commonly reported cases.

We are thankful that through the RMRP’s training and support every year Noble Energy is able to help the organization identify and save many raptors in distress.  

Noble Volunteers

Noble employees have participated in many of the engagements and open houses RMRP has hosted at the group’s facility. Our team members have also volunteered to take part in a program that includes certification for feeding, handling, and caring for the raptors.

Barn Owl RMRP

Rocky Mountain Raptor Program By The Numbers

Learn more about the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program

Want to get involved? You can visit RMRP’s website to learn about volunteer opportunities and provide support for the organization as they work to inspire the protection and appreciation of raptors throughout Colorado.