More than any other energy sources, oil and natural gas support the Colorado way of life. Whether driving our cars, heating and cooling our homes or running a business – locally produced, lower-cost energy makes it possible. Oil and natural gas are also the building blocks for producing so many everyday items we use to bike, hike, ski and enjoy Colorado’s natural beauty.

Where does Colorado’s energy come from?

The energy we use in Colorado every day comes from a mix of sources, including oil and natural gas, wind, solar, hydroelectricity and coal. But oil and natural gas produce 65% of the energy consumed in Colorado, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Put another way, almost two-thirds of the energy used every day in Colorado comes from oil and natural gas. These resources are produced today with advanced technologies including horizontal drilling and a completion technology called hydraulic fracturing or fracking, a practice that has been used safely in Colorado for decades.

Colorado energy consumption by source

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

How is oil and natural gas used in Colorado?

Oil is used to make gasoline and diesel for cars and trucks, while natural gas is used in power plants to generate electricity for homes and businesses. Even power plants that generate electricity from renewable sources like solar and wind utilize natural gas as a backup source when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing. Natural gas is also directly used in homes to run furnaces, fireplaces and cooktops, and in restaurants, factories and other businesses.

Other everyday uses

The energy provided by oil and natural gas is important, but it’s just the beginning of the story. So many essential consumer goods, things we take for granted and cannot imagine life without, are made from oil and natural gas.

For example, synthetic fibers such as polyester have revolutionized the clothing industry. That is especially true for outdoor gear, with fabrics derived from oil and natural gas keeping us warm in the winter, cool in the summer and ready to handle Colorado’s rapidly changing weather all year round.

Then there are smartphones, tablets and countless other electronics that are made with strong, lightweight materials derived from oil and natural gas. At home, the insulation in your walls, the carpet on your floor, the furniture in your rooms, the detergents and cleaning supplies under your sink, the lotions and cosmetics in your bathroom cabinet and so many more everyday products are made from oil and natural gas.

At Noble Energy, our purpose is Energizing the World, Bettering People’s Lives. When you look at the many, varied and essential uses of oil and natural gas across the Colorado economy and in everyday life, you can see our purpose in action.

Learn more about oil and natural gas economics

Noble Energy is proud to part of Colorado’s energy industry, which is a cornerstone of the state economy and a supporter of hundreds of thousands of jobs in our state. To learn more about the importance of oil and natural gas to the state economy, to the business community and to working families, please visit our economic benefits page.