In an economy that is ever more reliant on engineering and technical expertise to produce energy and protect our environment, investing in Colorado STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) initiatives is vital for Colorado’s future.

Even more important, however, is that Noble Energy’s culture of service also extends to bettering our communities by empowering the next generation of leaders with the tools they need to succeed. To fulfill this goal, Noble Energy has committed to several multi-year partnerships with organizations that promote workforce development and education in Colorado.

Learn more about these partnerships below, specifically how they align with the three pillars of Noble Energy’s community initiatives in Colorado:

Education and youth leadership

Environmental stewardship

Health and wellness

The Denver Public Schools Foundation

“The opportunities that you give to our students create a better future for them,” said Veronica Figoli, CEO of the Denver Broncos Foundation.

WATCH: Noble Energy and Denver Broncos' "Day of Service" at Cheltenham Elementary

The DPS Foundation partners with the Denver Public Schools (DPS) system to provide financial and in-kind resources that every DPS student needs to succeed. The DPS Foundation implemented a “School Partners Program” that pairs partner businesses like Noble Energy with specific schools to support their needs.

Noble Energy supports the DPS Foundation School Partners Program in a variety of ways, but most notably through our official partnership with the Denver Broncos, known as the “Red Zone Program.” Every time the Broncos offense comes within 20 yards of their opponent’s end zone at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Noble Energy donates $1,000 to the Denver Public Schools Foundation.

Financial contributions to the DPS Foundation through the Red Zone Program have totaled $180,000 since 2014, supporting teacher and classroom grants, STEM programs and other initiatives helping students from the nearly 200 Denver public schools prepare for the working world. In 2017, Noble Energy contributed $35,000 to the DPS Foundation, and with the revamped Broncos offense we are looking forward to contributing even more this season!

Noble Energy is also pleased each year to recognize a select number of high achieving STEM students at Broncos games through our Noble Energy Kids program. Four Noble Energy Kids are brought down on the field each home game, where they are recognized for their accomplishments in math and science.

In addition to financial contributions to the DPS Foundation, Noble Energy also partners with the Denver Broncos during the annual company-wide day of service to support a specific school. In 2017, Noble Energy and the Denver Broncos volunteered our time and efforts to put on a field day carnival at Cheltenham Elementary School in Denver. Noble, along with the Denver Broncos, also presented the school with a $35,000 check and afterwards took the students on a tour of Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA)

“Education is the backbone to the success and growth of Colorado’s energy industry,” said Patsy Landaveri, Noble Energy’s Colorado community affairs manager. “Providing students with STEAM knowledge through the DCPA’s Dramatic Learning Program exposes students to important science and technology concepts, giving them the key skills they need to compete in Colorado’s future workforce.”

DCPA Education and Noble Energy presented a workshop for 5th graders based around energy at Denver’s Barnum Elementary School. The curriculum of the workshop addresses Colorado State science standards. This unusual pairing of creative theater and an actual expert in an unexpected field is part of DCPA Education’s Dramatic Learning program.

Noble Energy works with the Denver Center for the Performing Arts to bring theater professionals and engineers together for an innovative arts integration initiative in schools. The initiative, known as the DCPA Dramatic Learning Program, integrates theatre arts into curriculums with year-round programs aligned with the Colorado Science Academic Standards.

Noble believes that incorporating STEAM education in schools (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) provides the critical thinking, communications and creativity skills essential to student and professional success. Taking the traditional STEM program and adding the “A” for arts sparks students’ imaginations and helps students innovate through hands-on projects.

Amplifying the effect of our partnership with DCPA, Noble Energy also leverages our relationship with Denver Public Schools by working with them to identify area schools where DCPA’s Dramatic Learning program would help strengthen science curriculums. In addition, Noble Energy has also brought DCPA’s Dramatic Learning Courses to the Tennyson Center, an organization that provides support for abused and neglected children:

Noble Energy, DCPA and the Tennyson Center

Noble Energy’s support for DCPA and fostering STEAM education has received extensive external recognition, including the 2017 Colorado Business Committee of the Arts (CBCA) Philanthropy Award. The award cited Noble Energy’s innovative partnership with DCPA and its impact on students, as well as the company’s “exemplary corporate citizenship” demonstrated by extensive community investment in “arts and cultural projects and organizations.”

If you are interested in supporting DCPA Dramatic learning or getting involved with the organization, you can visit their volunteer page for more information.

Aims Community College: Oil and Gas Technologies Advisory Committee

For the past four years, Noble Energy has served on the Oil and Gas Technologies Advisory Committee at Aims Community College in Weld County. Noble Energy, along with several of our colleagues in the DJ Basin, partnered with Aims Community College to develop degree and certificate programs tailored to the needs of today’s energy industry. This program is designed to help students stand out, as well as provide students with the necessary skills to be hired and advance within the industry.

“For me, I am very passionate about my community. As a resident of the Greeley community, it is important for me to work for an organization that believes so strongly in being a part of this community,” said Zach Huston, Noble Energy Training and Competency Manager Zach Huston. In addition to his duties at Noble, Zach also serves as our current representative on the Aims Oil and Gas Technologies Advisory Committee.

“As an advisory member Noble Energy provides feedback, guidance and support for oil and gas related courses and advice for direction for their program. Community engagement initiatives like this not only produce a source of talent for the energy industry, but our partnership with Aims also offers ladders of economic opportunity for many young professionals in a dynamic STEM field.”

Smithsonian Colorado LASER Initiative

Noble Energy awarded the Smithsonian Science and education center with a $100,000 grant in 2016 to support the Colorado LASER Initiative. The Colorado LASER Initiative is a four-year program implemented by the Smithsonian Science Education Center to bring the LASER framework to Colorado schools.

The Leadership and Assistance for Science Education Reform (LASER) model is an educational and curriculum framework for schools that consists of “research-based, inquiry-driven curriculum; professional development; materials support; administrative and community support; and appropriate assessment.” A five-year study of the Smithsonian’s LASER model by the Center for Research in Educational Policy (CREP) found statistically significant gains in STEM learning within schools that implemented the program.

In Colorado, the LASER program enables teachers to introduce more advanced, hands-on learning in science classes. Throughout the four-year Colorado LASER Initiative, schools and educators have opportunities to:

  • Attend leadership development institutes to build and modify a five-year strategic plan for science
  • Participate in summer professional development workshops to improve teachers’ skills in implementing inquiry-based science units, effective methods of science teaching and science content knowledge
  • Receive three units of inquiry-centered science materials for each grade participating in the Colorado LASER Initiative
  • Engage in professional development, leadership development and networking opportunities in Colorado and around the country

Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain

Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain, Inc. (JA) is part of the world’s largest organization dedicated to “inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy.” Through a dedicated volunteer network in Colorado, including many volunteers from Noble Energy, JA provides programs for students that focus on entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness. The goal is to “teach concepts through experiential learning, allowing young people to put their new knowledge and skills into practice.”  

Noble Energy has supported JA Rocky Mountain since 2015, with contributions totaling more than $500,000. Noble has participated for several years in the annual JA Bowl-A-Thon “Energy Challenge,” the organization’s largest fundraiser in which Noble employees and other volunteers raise money from friends, family and colleagues, before coming together in a friendly bowling competition against teams from other companies. Students benefiting from JA Rocky Mountain’s work created this video explaining the impact JA Bowl-a-Thon has on Colorado schools:

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