Oil and natural gas fuel the daily lives of the people who live and work in Colorado. Yet, not everyone knows how the energy industry helps drive our economy and provides hundreds of thousands of  Coloradans with jobs. Learn more on all the ways that production is bettering the lives of Coloradans throughout the state – from the next generation of engineers to the women in energy who are driving change today.

Value of Oil and Natural Gas

Almost two-thirds of the energy used daily in Colorado comes from oil and natural gas. In fact, locally produced, lower-cost energy makes it possible for many of us living in Colorado to drive our vehicles, heat and cool our homes and enjoy the great outdoors with gear made from petroleum products for biking, hiking, skiing and more. Plus, the energy industry is a cornerstone of the Colorado economy, supporting more than 230,000 jobs statewide and contributing an estimated $1 billion annually in tax revenue to the state.

Source: PwC, API

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Women in Energy

At  Noble Energy, we value workplace diversity and celebrate the women who play a central role in our Colorado oil and natural gas operations. Read the stories and watch a video about a few of our notable women in energyfrom engineers and land technicians in the field to powerhouses who work behind the scenes to help us ensure Coloradans can have the energy we need, the economy we want and the environment we value.

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Investing in the Next Generation

We invest in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) education to support the next generation of leaders in the energy industry. Our aim is to better our communities through multi-year partnerships with organizations that promote workforce development and education in Colorado. Learn more about the ways we are paving the way for tomorrow’s engineers and environmental stewards.

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Oil and Natural Gas FAQs

Oil and natural gas are essential to our way of life in Colorado. But did you know that these resources are produced with advanced technologies that are safer for employees, communities and the environment than ever before? Get the facts on horizontal drilling and a completion technology called hydraulic fracturing or fracking – a practice that has been used safely in Colorado for decades.

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