Modern Flowback Technology

We are protecting your health and safety  in Weld County by reducing emissions and truck traffic through modern flowback operations. Flowback is the last stage of the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) process.

Through our dedication to continuous improvement, we utilize modern flowback technology where possible because it:

  • Eliminates emissions — Flowback goes directly to pipelines, removing the need for tanks and trucks.
  • Creates less dust, reduces surface impact and  reduces truck traffic — With flowback going directly to pipelines, there is no need for temporary equipment and truck transport.
  • Requires less equipment — Through innovation and modern technology that enable flowback to go directly to pipelines, it eliminates the need for temporary equipment.

How has flowback technology evolved?

The production stream hasn’t always gone straight into a pipeline. Through continuous improvement at Noble Energy, legacy flowback gave way to “green flowback.” Today,  “modern flowback” has eliminated emissions associated with this process.

  • Legacy flowback — Legacy flowback sent the water and a small amount of oil directly into tanks. To mitigate pressure, the tanks were left open and vapors were vented to the atmosphere.
  • Green flowback — Green flowback significantly reduces emissions by routing those tank vapors to an enclosed combustor.
  • Modern flowbackModern flowback eliminates tanks and emissions by routing the water, oil and natural gas safely and efficiently directly into pipelines.

Legacy Production Flowback Methodology

Temporary Equipment on Pad

Green Production Flowback Methodology

Temporary Equipment on Pad

Modern Production Flowback Methodology

Direct to Facility

What is Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking)?

  • We pump water and sand into the rock that holds oil and natural gas at a high pressure to open tiny fissures. The sand keeps the fissures open to promote the flow of oil and natural gas.
  • Once the pressure is released, the water flows back up the well to the surface, and often contains a small amount of oil and natural gas from the geologic formation.
  • During modern flowback operations, the water, oil and natural gas flow safely and efficiently directly into pipelines.
  • When production begins following flowback operations, equipment pictured on the left is what remains for the life of the well.

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