We are committed to protecting Colorado’s land, air, water and wildlife. In fact, our daily operations center around developing oil and natural gas in the safest, most efficient way possible. Technology and innovation play a vital role in helping us protect the environment, specifically when it comes to clean air, protecting and conserving our water sources, and reducing our footprint. With our Plug, Remove and Reclaim Program, we are removing old facilities from subdivisions and rural areas and restoring these locations to their original condition.

But we can’t do this alone. Working at Noble Energy also means working with Colorado’s regulators, communities and environmental groups to find better ways to deliver the energy we all need.

We helped develop progressive air quality regulations for reducing emissions from oil and natural gas facilities. We invest in renewable energy, using solar-powered automation in our operations to reduce energy use. In rural areas, where we have large acreage positions, we use comprehensive planning to strategically combine facility locations, innovative processes, and the latest technologies to dramatically reduce our footprint and surface impacts. We also have a dedicated team, working hand-in-hand with local communities and landowners, to remove older wells near the end of the production life.

The bigger picture

Maintaining the safety of our environment and Colorado communities is our top priority when implementing our Comprehensive Drilling Plans to responsibly produce oil and natural gas.

Protecting our environment

Land, air, water and wildlife

Volunteers for Outdoor ColoradoEnvironmental stewardship is a huge part of the way Noble does business in Colorado, a state with some of the strongest environmental regulations and standards in the country. “I’ve worked in other states, and I can tell you that the commitment to protecting the environment in this state is second to none,” said Gerald. “We’re all proud to call Colorado home, and volunteering with VOC, as well as providing financial support to the organization, is important to Noble and its employees.”

Making a difference

Leak detection and repair (LDAR)

Our team of trained technicians uses advanced thermal imaging technology to monitor and inspect our production facilities and well sites.

Improving air quality

Low-emission school buses

We partner with the Regional Air Quality Council to provide public schools with clean-burning CNG buses that reduce pollutants by as much as 45 percent.

Reducing emissions

Joint Agreement with EPA, DOJ and State of Colorado

We work together with the federal government and the State of Colorado to improve air quality and reduce emissions.

Aligning our efforts

Programs to protect and produce

Innovative thinking guides us to find better ways to produce the oil and natural gas Coloradans need, while technology helps us produce more of that energy with less environmental impact.

Reducing our footprint