Noble Energy’s Colorado operations supply locally produced, low-cost energy to families and businesses across the state. The oil and natural gas we produce supports our daily lives in Colorado, from heating and cooling our homes, to fueling our cars and trucks, to providing the essential building blocks for everything from our cell phones that keep us connected to the tires on our vehicles that transport us to our favorite trailheads, museums and more.

These local sources of energy are produced under strong regulations and safety programs to ensure environmental protection, with the help of cutting-edge technologies and innovation. Oil and natural gas production is also a cornerstone of the Colorado economy, supporting high-wage jobs and tax revenues for schools and infrastructure.

Innovation and collaboration

We find better ways to produce the energy we need, we listen to the community to improve as we go, and we always strive to better. That’s our Noble Neighbor Program.

Operating responsibly

Fuel for today and tomorrow

We locally produce lower-cost energy that we, as Coloradans, use in our daily lives. Learn more on the value of oil and natural gas, from fueling homes and vehicles to powering local businesses.

Energizing Colorado

Made in Colorado

Oil and natural gas development in Colorado adds more than $30 billion to the state’s economy, and contributes more than $1 billion annually in local and state tax revenue benefiting schools, infrastructure and other public investments.

Source: PwC, API

Supporting the economy

Oil and natural gas FAQs

Did you know Colorado has some of the strongest oil and gas regulations in the nation? Or that fracking a well only takes a few days? Learn more on the facts of our industry with our FAQs section.

Getting the facts

Colorado operations

With offices in Denver and Greeley and operations in Weld County, Noble Energy has a strong safety record and strong community partnerships so Coloradans can have the energy we need, the economy we want and the environment we value.

Working together

More energy, less impact

Driven to find better ways to deliver the energy we need and protect the environment through innovation, we are on the fourth generation of the Econode production technology we use in our Comprehensive Drilling Plan to continue safely producing oil and natural gas in the DJ Basin. So far, we’ve reduced our land use by more than 95 percent.

Reducing our footprint