Energy production is a cornerstone of Colorado’s economy, supporting approximately 230,000 jobs in our state directly and indirectly. The operations of Noble Energy and other energy companies support investment across the economy in local manufacturing, logistics, banking, construction and many other economic sectors.

Altogether, oil and natural gas production supports more than $30 billion of economic activity in Colorado, or close to 10 percent of the state economy. Colorado’s oil and natural gas sector is also a major source of local and state tax revenue – more than $1 billion annually for schools, infrastructure and other public investments (CU Study).

Homegrown opportunities

Colorado’s energy industry provides numerous jobs that representof total employment in our state. Learn more on the economic benefits of oil and natural gas in CO.

Source: PwC, API

Elevating the Colorado economy

The energy industry supports more than 230,000 jobs statewide

Source: PwC, API

Colorado receives an estimated:

$1 billion

annual tax revenue from the energy industry

Over the past six years, Noble Energy has paid nearly $100 million per year in state and local taxes in Colorado.

Source: PwC, API

An economy we can count on

When the local economy thrives, we all benefit. Our community investments include supporting those who support local businesses such as the Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Investing locally

Programs to prepare our youth

Our STEM education and skills-training program opens the door to a future in energy for students of Denver Public Schools, Greely Public Schools, Greeley’s Aims Community College and beyond.

Educating the next generation


–The oil and natural gas industry’s annual contribution to Colorado’s economy 

Source: PwC, API