Noble Energy’s Operations and Safety Training Center (NOSTC) is a full-scale training facility and competency center located in our Greeley, CO office that features simulated operations equipment to train our employees and educate our communities about the oil and natural gas production process.  

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What is the Noble Operations and Safety Training Center?

Like the Noble Operations Control Center, the NOSTC and our accompanying operations and safety training program were modeled after the training procedures and protocols of the U.S. Air Force.

Simulated operations for safe learning and training

We bring employees and contractors into a controlled environment to train on equipment that simulates the equipment we use in the field. Water and air run through the equipment to simulate operational conditions, so our teams can safely learn about equipment before they go out into the field. The ability to perform drills and other training exercises in a simulated environment provides employees and contractors with invaluable skills and experience.

“In the Air Force, we would use flight simulators in pilot training, and we would perform drills all the time to prepare for real world operations and ensure safety. It’s the same principle in the Noble Operations and Safety Training Center.”

— Mike Stewart, an Air Force veteran hired by Noble Energy to establish the Noble Operations and Safety Training Center in Greeley

Controlled environment for team members, first responders, and community partners

At Noble Energy, we always strive to be better. The NOSTC provides even the most experienced employees and contractors with a controlled environment to practice and familiarize themselves with new equipment, procedures, and technologies.

We also hold training sessions for first responders and use the center to educate and support our community partners. We invite schools and public officials to tour the NOSTC, giving members of the public the opportunity to see our equipment up close and ask questions of our expert training staff.

Competency assurance

The NOSTC’s core mission is to ensure Noble Energy’s Colorado operators have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to operate safely in the field. All new hires must pass Noble Energy’s Colorado Competency Assurance Program, and current employees must pass a yearly safety examination.

In the course of their training, Noble Energy employees and contractors are instructed on Colorado’s strong regulations governing safety and environmental protection, how to ensure compliance with those regulations, and the procedures developed by Noble Energy to meet or exceed them.

“Noble Energy’s Colorado safety examinations are similar to ‘check rides’ in aviation. We have experienced assessors with over 30-plus years of experience in the industry who ride alongside our lease operators to test their knowledge, skills, and abilities. It is an objective exam, and it helps ensure all of our employees have the knowledge necessary to operate in a way that reinforces Noble Energy’s NO HARM culture.”

— Kevin Harwell, Noble Energy’s Colorado Competency Assurance Program Lead

Learn more about the Noble Operations and Safety Training Center

At Noble Energy, our goal was to make the NOSTC a learning space for not only our operators at Noble Energy, but also our neighbors in Colorado. If you are interested in learning more about our NO HARM culture and our commitment to innovative, safe natural gas production in Colorado by touring our NOSTC, please contact us at

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We are committed to being noble neighbors and we open our doors to those interested in learning more about the processes and technologies we use to produce the energy we all need. To request a tour of our NOSTC, contact us at We look forward to seeing you in Greeley!