We believe in giving back to the state and the communities that our 600 Colorado employees call home. We partner with dozens of local charities and schools, and we focus our people, time and investments on the areas that we believe are important to the quality of life in Weld County:

  • Environment
  • Community health
  • Education and workforce development

In 2019, Noble Energy invested more than $1 million to support Colorado charities. In addition employees contributed almost $120,000 to Colorado nonprofits and Noble matched that amount two to one.
Through the NobleACTs volunteer program 501c3 organizations received $25 an hour for every employee volunteer hour. In 2019 there were 1,721.5 volunteer hours. The eligible hours brought the volunteer’s matching to $25,000.

Colorado Youth Outdoors (CYO)

We have partnered with Colorado Youth Outdoors (CYO) since 2015. Bob Hewson, CEO and President of CYO, said the first donation from Noble was time from Noble employees who volunteered to mentor and support a group of teens.

“It wasn’t about the funding. It wasn’t about the free labor. It was about the time these employees took to support youth in need of a friend. This to me is the kindest gift any person, any business can share with this cause.”

Bob Hewson, CEO and President of CYO

Due to the widening of Highway I-25 in 2019, CYO needed to reestablish vegetation to support the future and legacy of the campus and programming. More than 100 Noble Energy employees helped build fencing and plant trees and bushes in September. 

Over the course of our partnership, Noble Energy has supported CYO by:

  • Installing more than 6,200 feet of three-rail repurposed drill-stem pipe (3 miles of pipe used) involving approximately 224 Noble employees and 1,339 labor hours
  • Designing and constructng a 1,300-square-foot maintenance and storage facility using repurposed materials
  • Constructing a 500-square-foot archery tower, platform and storage
  • Clearing 1 mile of noxious weeds and unwanted vegetation for a mulch-topped nature trail
  • Establishing several half-mile runs of tree irrigation
  • Staining tables, benches and wood buildings
  • Constructing 12 picnic tables
  • Planting more than 1,500 trees and shrubs
  • Sharing more than 80 hours of personal time mentoring youth in outdoor recreation

Colorado State University (CSU) — Kicks for a Cause

We teamed up with CSU Football on the Kicks for a Cause program. Noble donates $75 for every field goal and extra point to Partners Mentoring Youth. Partners Mentoring Youth is a nonprofit organization dedicated to Northern Colorado youth who are facing significant challenges in their lives. The Kicks for a Cause program will help support mentoring programs for these youth to gain relationship and interpersonal skills, help improve attitudes about substance use and more.

“On average, it costs $1,500 to serve a youth in our program for one year. This investment pays off many times over in the benefits experienced by program participants, which include increased confidence, academic performance, social skills, and hope for the future,” said Heather Vesgaard, executive director, Partners Mentoring Youth.

“We can’t thank Noble enough for their partnership and investment in our mentoring programs. Together we can help change lives.” 

Heather Vesgaard, Executive Director of Partners Mentoring Youth

University of Northern Colorado (UNC) Athletics — Educator of the Month

We partner with UNC Athletics to recognize deserving Weld County Educators through the Noble Energy Educator of the Month program. Educators – including not only teachers but administrators, counselors, etc. that serve students in Weld County – are eligible for the Noble Energy Educator of the Month award. The program, which recognizes one educator each month September through May, provides a VIP experience at a UNC Athletics event and $500 courtesy of Noble Energy to spend on qualifying supplies for their classroom, school or program.

September Educator of the Month:
Machin Norris, STEM Integration teacher at Northridge HS

Weld Food Bank

Noble Energy’s partnership with the Weld Food Bank is one of our long-term community relationships that provides us with ways for both the company and our employees to give back to our communities in Northern Colorado.

Noble Energy employees volunteer hundreds of hours for the organization, with volunteer efforts totaling over 247 hours in 2017thousands of hours over the last decade. In 2019, we donated a $65,000 van to deliver food to the elderly and students across northern Colorado. We stepped up our financial support during the COVID-19 pandemic Noble Energy also provides financial support for a variety of Weld Food Bank events, including most recently serving and have served for several years as the title sponsor for the March 2018 “Stone Soup” fundraising event, which raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to combat hunger in Weld County.

“Our partnership with the Weld Food Bank and investment in the CNG van are very important to Noble Energy. We look forward to continuing to find opportunities to work together with Weld Food Bank and other Weld County organizations to help improve the quality of life here in our backyard. The van will be fueled by CNG produced right here in Weld County, and the benefits will be felt not only through cleaner emissions but through the lower cost in fuel for the food bank,” explained Tim Shannon,  DJ Basin Director of Operations at Noble Energy.

“We are so grateful to Noble Energy, not just for the van but also for their years of support. They have given so much of their time and resources to help us feed people in our community who do not have enough food to eat.” 

Bob O’Connor, CEO of Weld Food Bank.

The new CNG van will help reach those in need by delivering:

  • More than 40,000  food bags to schools for the Backpack Program to prevent hunger over the weekends
  • More than 35,000 from-scratch meals to children in high need areas for the Summer Feeding Program
  • Nutritional food packages for the Senior Feeding Program

Weld County 4-H

Weld County 4-H teaches youth life skills through projects, record keeping and public speaking. Youth can participate in contests, judge competitions, attend camps and conferences and apply for college scholarships. We have partnered with Weld County 4-H over the years by sponsoring the annual gala, which supports more than 900 Weld County 4-H students and the Weld County Junior Livestock Sale. 

The Weld County Junior Livestock Sale is an annual event held at the Weld County Fair. The top 245 animals are eligible for the sale, including all Grand and Reserve Grand Champions in each of the seven species. Noble joins this exciting program by giving an “add-on,” which is money added onto the sale of any animal in addition to what the buyer bid.