ATLAS stands for Alternative Truck-loading Anson System, and our ATLAS Program is one of the many ways we are working to reduce emissions and advance safety as we develop locally produced, lower-cost energy to support Colorado daily life.

The catalyst for launching our ATLAS Program

At many of our newest production facilities in Colorado, we reduce emissions and traffic by transporting oil through pipelines. However, at other locations, transport requires offloading oil from storage tanks to tanker trucks.

Where we do transport oil by truck, we take steps to reduce potential emissions. The process of transferring crude oil to tanker trucks is more complex than pumping fuel at a gas station. Sampling of oil temperature and grade are required at this point.

Traditionally, this process required the truck driver to open a hatch located on top of storage tanks to sample the oil. We – with the industry, U.S. Government and Colorado – agreed to find a better way. And the ATLAS program was born.

Benefits of the Noble ATLAS Program

Emissions reduction was the primary intent when we began researching alternative transfer methods. Working with the industry, U.S. Government and Colorado, we identified a system design that also advances safety by keeping truck drivers at ground level throughout the transfer process.

Driving the industry forward with alternative truck-loading

Energy producers in Colorado are subject to some of the strongest environmental and safety regulations in the country. We are proud to say that the ATLAS process has been very well received by our industry and is now considered an industry best practice.

ATLAS, which allows truck drivers to measure the quality and temperature of crude oil without climbing stairs to access the top of storage tanks, was adopted as the American Petroleum Institute (API) national safety standard for onshore tank measurement of crude oil and is accredited by the American National Standards Institute.

Learn more about our efforts to reduce emissions

The ATLAS program is yet another example of how technology and innovation help us protect the environment we value in Colorado. If you are interested in learning more about the Noble Energy culture of NO HARM, please visit our environmental responsibility page for more information.