Reducing our Footprint in Weld County

We are protecting health and safety in Weld County by reducing our footprint, greenhouse gas emissions and truck traffic through our Mustang Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP), which represents a new era of innovation.

Through the use of advancing technology, we are streamlining development. It now takes only about 7.5 surface acres to deliver the same volume that previously required 400 surface acres – a reduction of more than 95 percent.

This includes tankless production facilities, called econodes, that substantially reduce our fooprint and emissions. Our newest econodes utilize technology that will deliver greenhouse gas emission reductions in excess of 90% from older facility designs.

These improvements include:

  • Electrification of engines
  • Using compressed air instead of natural gas in pneumatic controllers
  • Elimination of tanks from the production location
  • Elimination of truck loading

A First in Colorado

As your neighbor in Weld County, we continue to find better ways to produce the energy Colorado needs. Mustang is the first CDP approved by the State of Colorado. It is a blueprint for planned energy development on farmland, where we are are able to install smart infrastructure. When production begins following drilling and completion operations, equipment pictured on the right is what remains for the life of the well.

Reducing Emissions

We always strive to be better, and we continue modernizing our field operations in Weld County to reduce air emissions. In the Mustang CDP, we are significantly reducing emissions by:

  • Using electricity to power the drilling rig and engines, we eliminate emissions from engine exhaust
  • Transporting oil and gas by pipeline instead of trucks, we eliminate truck traffic and emissions
  • Keeping oil and gas in pipelines, we eliminate emissions from storage tanks at all phases of development
  • Using compressed air instead of natural gas to open and close valves, we prevent the release of methane
  • Removing more than 1,400 older vertical wells and associated storage facilities, we are eliminating significant existing emissions

*From truck traffic alone, estimated over the life of the project

Reducing Truck Traffic

As the single designated operator of the Mustang CDP, Noble Energy can transport all fluids (oil, natural gas and produced water) by pipeline infrastructure. By doing so, we will eliminate more than 152 million miles of truck traffic and 6.8 million truck trips, not to mention reduce immense amounts of greenhouse gas emissions including:

  • 768,000 tons of carbon dioxide
  • 2,000 tons of carbon monoxide
  • 2,000 tons of oxides of nitrogen

Innovating for Health and Safety

Through advancements in our modern flowback operations in Weld County, we continue to protect your health and safety. We utilize this technology where possible because it:

  • Eliminates emissions — Flowback goes directly to pipelines, removing the need for tanks and trucks.
  • Creates less dust, reduces surface impact and  reduces truck traffic — With flowback going directly to pipelines, there is no need for temporary equipment and truck transport.

Requires less equipment — Through innovation and modern technology that enable flowback to go directly to pipelines, it eliminates the need for temporary equipment.

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