Women in energy

The women of Noble Energy play a vital role in delivering the energy we need — as engineers helping drive change, community leaders bettering the lives of Coloradans, and working mothers inspiring today’s young girls to be the innovators of tomorrow.

Reaching higher

Fueling the future

Our industry requires the best and brightest minds. So we’ve developed a program to help students of Denver Public Schools (DPS) and Aims College prepare to become the next generation of scientists, technologists and engineers at Noble Energy.

Supporting STEM education

Where innovation meets stewardship

Advances in horizontal drilling technology and our newest facilities allow us to safely and efficiently produce more energy with less environmental impact than ever before. We’ve reduced our footprint by 99%, avoided more than half a million truck trips, and utilize sound walls to reduce noise.

Protecting the environment

Partnering for safety

We have a strong commitment to safety and clean air. In fact, regulations and technology that we advocated led to large emissions reductions across the Colorado oil and natural gas industry, even as production increased. The key: advanced infrared camera technology and collaboration with regulators, environmental experts and industry peers.

Improving air quality

Community investment

Giving back to our Colorado communities is a large part of what we do at Noble Energy. We build long-term partnerships with local charities and invest time and resources in causes that align with our purpose of bettering people’s lives. Our main areas of focus are health and wellness, environmental stewardship, and education and workforce development.

Enriching our communities